Are you tuned into God’s Channel?

Have you ever asked yourself if God is speaking to you? Or are you praying constantly saying God I want you to speak to me? Or are you wondering how do others claim to hear God clearly but you don’t? It is very easy, this is because they are tuned to God’s Channel.  You can only tune into God’s channel if you have the right connection. The will of God for all His children is that we live in constant fellowship with him; that is why He has sent the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth to live within us so that He can reveal all truths and the mysteries of the Spirit realm to us. There are people who still doubt if God still talks to men like the old days. God is in constant communication with all men, but only few are tuned to His channel to hear Him clearly. Job 33:14-16 says

“For God speaks again and again, though people do not recognize it. He speaks in dreams, in visions of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they lie in their beds. He whispers in their ears and terrifies them with warnings.”

We were created to hear God clearly, but sin and disobedience has beclouded our hearing so much that we can’t even recognize God even if He spoke to us audibly. God is Spirit and so are we, but man lives so much according to the flesh that gradually, God’s spirit within us is dormant, and therefore, His channel is turned off always. Galatians 5:16 (NKJV) Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh. The Bible says that t, so why are we not hearing God? Many of us don’t walk by the spirit, we walk by the flesh, or we lack the knowledge to understand how to tune to His Channel. So the question becomes, how does one tune to God’s channel? We first have to recognize the various ways in which He speaks to us, for us to be able to tune to the channel to hear. Find out how in the video below;

  • The first way God speaks to us is through His word. God’s will is found in God’s Word.
  • The second way is through that inner voice in your spirit. That still little voice. During meditation.
  • Thirdly, He speak to us through prophecy.
  • Through our dreams/visions.
  • He also speaks to us through teachings, sermons, or others.
  • He sends messages through angels sometimes.
  • He sometimes speaks through nature (burning bush)
  • He also speaks to us using our physical senses (smell).

So how do you tune in to His channel?

  • Become broken (accepting you are weak but strong through Him).
  • Staying on the Word/study the word if possible daily.
  • Spending quality time in fellowship with the Holy Spirit daily. That is having a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. (John 16:13) Galatians 5:18 (AMP) If you are guided (led) by the [Holy] Spirit, you are not subject to the Law.
  • Praying in the Spirit daily.
  • Allow the Holy Spirit to teach you.
  • Meditation and quiet time daily.
  • Attending bible studies and church sermons.
  • Being of service to the Lord. Allowing your vessels to be of use by God.
  • Build up your faith through word proclamations in your life.
  • Learn how to ask Him and expect answers by faith.

 James 1:5-8 (TLB) says “If you want to know what God wants you to do, ask him, and he will gladly tell you, for he is always ready to give a bountiful supply of wisdom to all who ask him; he will not resent it. But when you ask him, be sure that you really expect him to tell you, for a doubtful mind will be as unsettled as a wave of the sea that is driven and tossed by the wind; and every decision you then make will be uncertain, as you turn first this way, and then that. If you don’t ask with faith, don’t expect the Lord to give you any solid answer.”

Therefore, if we keep our spirits active to the things of God, we will be well tuned into His channel clearly. Listen, God is speaking to you right now, just tune in to His channel and hear Him, because it is His will for you. Revelation 3:20 (TLB)

Look! I have been standing at the door and I am constantly knocking. If anyone hears me calling him and opens the door, I will come in and fellowship with him and he with me. God bless you.

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